“I have a vision of myself as Icarus flying too close to the sun and crashing and burning as a result”

Fifty Shades of Grey, pg 53 l8

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“I thought at first my parents were divorced — at that time it was not a good thing, it was a kind of shame. My father didn’t help much financially my mother, and all the other girls, little girls, were dressed differently than I was — their parents had more money…I didn’t enjoy at all everything, the trappings, when all of a sudden you become very famous… [on being taken up by the fashion houses] it was work, things I had to do, a chore — I didn’t enjoy it at all…It is quite impossible to stand — to be admired too much — it is not a normal situation…I don’t like that at all…I am not comfortable with my professional life really, so the word ‘icon’ — it’s as though you were talking about someone else, it’s not me really…I feel happy when I’m on my bed, in my room with a good book.”

 Françoise Hardy, 2011