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Rainy Blue

I can’t see anybody, at midnight
It’s raining outside of the telephone box
Before I finished dialing a familiar phone number
I stopped my finger.
Being wet in the cold rain, I remembered a sad story
On your way to home, at the intersection
Only I stopped walking

Rainy blue
I know its over though
Rainy blue
Why am I still chasing
Like I’m trying to erase the phantom of you
Today its raining quietly again

Headlights passing by me are making shadows of only me
I began searching for your white car
But I stopped and cast my eyes down soon

The memory of that time when I was surrounded by affection is flowing in this town

It’s a rainy blue
It’s a rainy blue

My heart, My tears

It’s a rainy blue


Hideaki Tokunaga, 1997

Françoise Hardy – Noir sur Blanc

voila, this is the granny-version of our young and inspiring mademoiselle Francoise Hardy. This Yeh-Yeh Girl released her album, La Pluie Sans Parapluie on 2010, when she was 66 years old. this song is the 1st track on the album. enjoy!

Noir sur blanc

Noir sur blanc
j’écris mes maux les nerfs à cran
sans garde-fou ni faux-semblants
de but en blanc trop souvent…
blanc ou noir
peut-être qu’il n’est pas trop tard
pour sortir de ma tour d’ivoire ?
si vous passez sans me voir :
la peine vaudrait bien le prix de ce dernier détour
tant pis pour tous les non-dits, les appels au secours
lancés dans la nuit et tombant dans l’oreille d’un sourd
si à votre cou je peux me pendre haut et court…
nous laiss(e)rons en blanc
les sujets un peu trop brûlants
qui pourraient me glacer le sang
vous faire partir en courant…
seul point noir :
si vous n’aimez pas les regards
qui vous transpercent de part en part
vais-je passer sans vous voir ?
la peine vaudrait bien le prix de ce dernier amour
je paierais comptant les cris, les appels au secours
lancés dans la nuit et tombant dans l’oreille d’un sourd
si à mon cou vous veniez vous pendre haut et court…
viendrez-vous ?
sachez que tout
ne tient qu’à vous
viendrez-vous ?
la peine vaudrait bien le prix, je n’ferais pas demi-tour
garderais pour moi les cris, et tous les mots d’amour…
sachez que tout
ne tient qu’à vous
viendrez-vous ?


Black on white
I write my pains, nerves on edge
Without any safeguards nor false pretenses
The point blank too often
White or black
Perhaps it is not late
To leave my ivory tower?
If you go without seeing me
The pain would be worth the price of the last visit
So much for everything left unsaid, the calls for help
Launched in the night and falling upon deaf ears
If at your neck, I can hang myself short*
We leave blank
The topics a little too fiery
That could curdle my blood
You make your leave in a run
The only downside
If you don’t like the eyes
That you pierce right through
Can I go on without seeing you?
The pain would be worth the price of this last love
I would pay in full the cries, the calls for help
Launched in the night and falling upon deaf ears
If you come to my neck, hang yourself on it
Will you come?
Know that everything
Is up to you
Will you come
The pain would be worth the price, I would not turn back
It would keep the cries for me and all the words of love
Will you come?
Know that everything
Is up to you
Will you come?



Françoise Hardy – La Question


La Question

Je ne sais pas qui tu peux être, je ne sais pas qui tu espères
Je cherche toujours à te connaître et ton silence trouble mon silence

Je ne sais pas d’où vient le mensonge, est-ce de ta voix qui se tait
Les mondes où malgré moi je plonge sont comme un tunnel qui m’effraie

De ta distance à la mienne, on se perd bien trop souvent
Et chercher à te comprendre, c’est courir après le vent

Je ne sais pas pourquoi je reste dans une mer où je me noie
Je ne sais pas pourquoi je reste dans un air qui m’étouffera

Tu es le sang de ma blessure, tu es le feu de ma brûlure
Tu es ma question sans réponse, mon cri muet et mon silence.


I don’t know who you may be, I don’t know who you wish to be
I’m still trying to get to know you and your silence bothers mine

I don’t know where the lies come from, is it from your voice that shuts?
The world into which I dive against my will is like a terrifying tunnel

From your distance to mine, we get lost way too often
And striving to understand you is like chasing the wind

I don’t know why I stay in a sea that makes me drown
I don’t know why I stay in air that will get me choked

You’re the blood of my wound, you’re the fire of my burns
You’re my question without an answer, my mute cry and my silence.

orly this song has made me cry :”DDD

クラスメート Kurasumeito (Classmate) by Mr. Children

Title: クラスメート Kurasumeito (Classmate)
Artist: Mr.Children
Album: Atomic Heart

Tabouna shigoto atte koso yuugana kurashi
なのにやりきれぬ Oh sunday morning
Nanoni yarikirenu oh sunday morning
Ai wo katarai atte sugoshitai keredo
Nayameru jijou ni sai namare

陽は傾き街は3時 少し遅い君とのランチ
Hi wa katamuki machi wa san ji Sukoshi osoi kimi to no ranchi
Ushirometasa de Kasukani egao ga shizunjau no wa
Shikata ga nai keredo

Sankagetsu mae no saikai kara Omottemonai you na kyuutenkai
今じゃ もっと彼女に恋をして
Ima ja Motto kanojo ni koi wo shite
もう 振り出しに戻れるわけない
Mou Furidashi ni modoreru wake nai
“Tada no kurasumeito”
そう 呼び合えたあの頃は a long time ago
Sou Yobiaeta ano koro wa a long time ago

Nandomo hanashiatte kimeta ruuru demo
このままじゃ彼女 かわいそうさ
Kono mama ja kanojo Kawaisou sa

もう時期来る 君のBirthday
Mou jiki kuru kimo no Birthday
Mayowazu boku dake wo erande
ごめんよ いつも困らすばかりで
Gomen yo Itsumo komarasu bakari de
Shibaraku wa kare no hanashi wa yametokou

Kimi to ireba hoka no donna mono mo
Sasaina koto ni omoetekuru
Ima made no kyaria mo wakaru kedo
ねぇ 何もかも委ねてくれないか
Nee Nanimokamo yudanete kurenai ka
Samishigena machi no akari ga kienu ma ni
I wanna hold you again

明け方の歩道「じゃね またね」と彼女
Akegata no hodou “ja ne mata ne” to kanojo
Hashirisaru TAXI
Manshon no beranda ni tatte te wo furu boku
Tamaranaku samishii

Uh sunday night to monday morning from…
そして 今日も街は動き出す
Soshite Kyou mo machi wa ugokidasu
Yukikau hitonami
from sunday night to monday morning…


Busy as I am, I’m living a comfortable life
In spite of [this, it is] unbearable oh Sunday morning
I want to go through [life] talking about love [with another person]
But it gets corrupted by troubling circumstances again

The sun is sinking down the street at 3
Eating lunch with you a little late
By a guilty conscience my smiling face sinks slightly
It can’t be helped

Since our reunion 3 months ago [our relationship] has developed suddenly as if we had no idea
Now I love her more
Already We can no longer return to the beginning
“Only classmates”
It was a long time ago when we called each other by that

Even the rule that we often talked about and decided
[Leaving it] as it is is cruel to her

Soon comes your birthday
Choosing just me without hesitation
Sorry I’m always embarrassing you
Let’s stop talking about him for a while

When I am with you all other things become trivial
I know my career up to now but
Won’t you entrust anything and everything?
While the lonesome street light has not gone out
I wanna hold you again

At dawn on the side walk “Bye See you” said she
Run away TAXI
Standing at the veranda of my apartment I wave my hand
I am unbearably lonely

And today also the street begins to move
People come and go
from sunday night to monday morning